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it's been four days since the news which shattered all my expectations broke in... i wanted to write this last, last night but was too tired to do so, since i got home from the asian pop event at around 10:30pm... all in all, i enjoyed the event - all the booths, games, performances, songs, videos... thanks to my friends who accompanied me throughout the day... it temporarily shifted my mind away from the bitterness to the two who left NEWS...  

but on the latter part of the event, a fan-made vid for the 7th anniversary of news was presented and the song used was 'share', a song made by them which expresses their love for each members. i was in the verge of crying as i sing the song with all the fans... i guess i have shed all my tears already since friday and saturday. though i am still on the slow process of accepting it (even though johnny's.net and wikipedia had already updated the NEWS pages indicating that they are already a quartet), i guess time will come when all the bad feelings i have will perish. you can't blame me, NEWS is one of the groups that i LOVE so much, and still will be. i'll still support the new NEWS...  for all what has happened to them for these eight years, i can attest that they are the strongest group i've ever known, and the foundation of their friendship will continue to defy all the obstacles coming through - well the remaining four, that is. to those two, thank you for being a part of the group. i won't complain on how i felt anymore because i know its harder and more hurtful for KEI-Chan - who values member-ai the most and is the mother figure of the group, MASSU - who looked forward for the group on appearing on the same stage again and misses the songs they've been singing together, SHIGE - who will be less be bullied now (JK!); who will now be the sole osakan in the group where there was three of them before, and TEGOSHI - who had always looked up to those two: the the man who named him 'tego-nyan' and had always admired his singing talent in return; and his umai-ochi partner whom he admitted to admire even his junior days...  

to the new NEWS, God bless and more power! i'll look forward to your first project as a quartet!  
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since it's kang minhyuk's birthday month.. i'll be posting some pic spams in my LJ account! XD

you can visit it here..



May. 28th, 2011 11:35 pm
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Title:      Here

Pairing: TegoMass

Genre: PG

 Summary:  I suck at this and might give the twist away... XD



~the rese can be read here~ )



May. 7th, 2011 08:58 am
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since my busy days are over (was it?), i'll be back to my usual self again!

woohoo, i miss life... i miss reading fanfics, watching animes and dramas, sightseeing at malls, roaming around the city, texting 'til midnight, looking at my JE stuff... I MISS LIFE ITSELF!!!

i'll be updating my dreamwidth!

well then, firstly, this busy season is dreadful... all my clients feeling that they are my sole priority, so many demands from superior, hectic schedules, over tight deadlines... HELL = WORK!

after the april 15 deadline, comes next week's filings of different companies (another deadline), and another, and another... TT_TT

haha~! even though i know i had so many things to do, i still manage to do what i want! well, work doesn't make me happy anyway, so why still devote almost 24 hours of my day with it?! (bad me.. i know..)

stop with anything that concerns work, it kills my mood.. haha...

seriously, i want to update my dreamwidth regarding my recent adventures! starting off with --- (onto my next post!)

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just got home - iie, just got back at office.. (-_-)

today's the double celebration of sakurai sho's and aiba masaki's bday...

had fun, and my voice wasn't well after due to extreme flailing over the boys. the party was basically concert viewing of their latest BNMF 10-11 scene concert...

JUNTOSHI all the way! (nino, kawaisou...)
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been swamped with work lately, well probably this will last until april!


how i wish i could turn back time...

anyways... even though im very busy at work, i wont still forget my fandom activities! XDDD work won't make me feel the happiness i feel at fandom! haha...

by the way, i have received the tshirt i ordered! its a NEWS shirt and and Arashi one.. haha.. love the design and the quality of print.

okane, doko desu ka?!?!

i have ordered some goods a long time ago and the money i saved for them has already been used! and to make it worst, all of these goods arrived this month! my salary won't even be sufficient! and the next pay day is still next week! m(_ _)m *doom*
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tadaima, dreamwidth!!!

for the continuation of my fangirl history...

honestly, i got my JE acquaintance through gokusen, (no wonder matsujun is my ichiban in arashi and one of my most favorite men in the entertainment industry). and i even printed a photo of shin sawada and kept it in my wallet during my college days! XDDD

then i soon watched yamada taro monogatari (with nino and sho), researched again about arashi, downloaded their songs, watched their PVs and concerts. first song i loved ~ happiness! then, i also loved truth, jidai (esp. their version in the final time concert). la tormenta, la familia, kansha kangeki ame arashi, etc... (well, their too many to mention!)

soon, i have also been addicted to another gourp (their korean though but they deited at japan and their record company is in japan), CN Blue. i love the genre of their songs. i admit, im a fan of hyongwa at first but sooner, i also took notice of minhyuk's coolness (and because drums are my fave musical instrument).

going back, to jpop, i have been recently loving news because of tegomasu tandem. johnny-san is really a genius when it comes to grouping people. joining two men with the most beautiful voices - PERFECT!!!
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onto my first post here at dreamwidth...

finally, i made an account!

my hardship in stalking the code requesting page of dreamwidth had paid off!!! super thanks to the one who shared the code.

as the title of my page implies, i'll be posting mainly about my fangirling activities (well, some personal stuff, too). want to know a little about me? i'll tell that in a few...~~~

i'm hiei3173 in my first ever LJ and other blog accounts. until the day that someone hacked (or whatever you call that) my accounts using my email address. afterwards, i decided to use 'enzeru no innen' or unmei no tenshi, which means angel of fate. why? dont know either. it just popped out from my mind during that time.. >_<

i admit, i am a very much frustrated japanese! haha... i love nihon-stuff!

i was first introduced my love for them when i started to be a fan of animes when i was a kid. i even daydreamed of being in place of some of my favorite characters! then came my fascination with mangas,dramas (jdo's), foods (yummy!), parks - and the music industry which transformed me into a fangirl that i am now...

~ ~ ~

that's it for now! i'll be continuing my fandom history some other time...

yoroshiku onegaishimasu...



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